About Us

School of Achiever started in June, 2010. It is a Kinder Garten to Class 12, co-educational, English & Gujarati medium school affiliated to the Gujarat Board.The school is focused on building rich, meaningful, appropriate and holistic learning experience for the students.


  • 10th Annual Function Celebration Glimpses
    March 15, 2020
  • Home Away From Home | 2019-20
    January 01, 2020
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Reason For Being 

The School believes in imparting holistic and value based education to mould young minds to go extra miles, explore, learn and to create a better world in their lifetime. We encourage students to master competencies and build the understanding required to be a leader, an ideal and global citizen of tomorrow.


Our Vision for Our Students


  •   To provide the best possible education for holistic development of the students.
  •   To provide educational resources and supportive environment for actively encouraging the students to participate for limitless learning.
  •   To prepare our students for tomorrow and encourage them to imbibe the qualities of leadership, team work, spirit of adventures, contentfulness and to be a skillful             communicator, reflective, self-directed, self-disciplined, a life-long learner and a global citizen with deep roots in the Indian culture.
  •   To provide a balanced integrated curriculum that supports overall development of students in relevance to present era.
  •   To make learning an enjoyable experience for the students through innovative approaches, opportunities and the activities catering to students multiple intelligences.
  •   To facilitate learning experiences beyond theories and bring relevance to the real life situations.
  •   To inculcate in students respect for the environment, resources, culture, people and the nation at large.
  •   To encourage students for acceptance and tolerance towards the diversity of moral, traditional, cultural, social and religious values.
  •   To equip the state of the art facilities, technologies and build infrastructure for supporting the holistic development of the students.
  •   To prepare a team of expert and caring educators and to facilitate them with the measures for on-going professional development.
  •   To foster partnership with parents and support them for developing their parenting skills.
  •   To involve the parents and community at large to widen the limits and make learning a meaningful and lively process.
  •   To ignite the spirit, liberate the creativity & leave pattern emergence in different forms and shapes.
  •   To help the students in unfolding their latent talents to help them grow to the highest level.