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School of Achiever started in June, 2010. It is a Kinder Garten to Class 12, co-educational, English & Gujarati medium school affiliated to the Gujarat Board.The school is focused on building rich, meaningful, appropriate and holistic learning experience for the students.


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    August 31, 2017
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    August 16, 2017
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Core Beliefs

At Achiever, the students are positioned above all the priorities of the organization. All the children are treated equally irrespective of their background. In any circumstances, the school doesn’t compromise a bit to cater to the needs of the students. It takes all the measures considering students at the center. At the core of every effort lies the aim for students’ well being. Every move gets analyzed in context to its contribution towards students’ development. The School undergoes all practices to make sure that all the ends meet to prioritize students.

A holistic development of a child refers to simultaneously addressing the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life. Holistic development is the overall development of all areas of development in children. Holistic approaches recognize the connectedness of mind, body and spirit.
In holistic education, the teacher is seen as a friend, a mentor, a facilitator, an experienced traveling companion, a person of authority who leads and controls learning process. School is considered to be a place where students and adults work towards a mutual goal. Cooperation is the norm, rather than competition. The concern of helping one another and growing together is emphasized rather than being placed above one another.
What distinguishes holistic education from other forms of education is its goals, its attention to experiential learning, and the significance that it places on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment.

Multiple Intelligence




Holistic development of every child is the ultimate goal for which School of Achiever strives. The measures for child development go beyond the confines of the classroom and move the concept to a much more radical programme.
School of Achiever focuses on the fullest possible development of the aspirants by encouraging individuals to become their very best so that they can be able to experience all they want from their life and reach their goals. This ordeal initiates with the journey of personal discovery starting with the formal education and then continuing learning throughout their life.

“Life skills are the abilities for adoptive & positive behaviour that enables individual to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.”- W.H.O.
With the era, when the world is shrinking to one roof, technologies develop super fast, where a diverged culture exists, where the society changes rapidly; there emerges a need to develop skills beyond books & theories to face the challenges of day to day life.

We believe in inculcation of this skill to bridge the gap between the concepts learnt at the School and the needs of real life. The School endeavours to imbibe life skills in students through incorporation of various exposures and activities besides routine chores. At regular intervals, specific programmes get arranged to help the students adapt to changing times and develop fundamental values while learning at School of Achiever.

The environment around us has a very profound effect over our growth, development, intelligence, thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and character of a person. Also, the environment which we are in affects our mood, health, relationships, work and performance.
It is very important to understand environment and its vital role in moulding a being. The influences of environment are so nicely engrossed on us that it often becomes difficult to draw a line of separation. To understand environment, we need to know what it comprises of. The mix can be different for different people. The mix can be the social factors like people around, culture, civilization, trends etc, the physical factors, the geographical factors, the economical factors, the government, the ruling policies and rules etc which compose one’s environment.
Consciously or unconsciously, people have a constant interaction with environment and this interaction results in building of their beliefs, behaviour, character and the human what they are. The journey of this interaction begins since we are born. We are born with our brain which is also called as a Human bio-computer. It has enormous capacity to store facts like a data bank. This data bank is almost blank when we are born. Gradually, as we interact with our immediate surroundings, we start storing data in our databank as facts. Further, these facts make our beliefs and in accordance of those beliefs, one behaves. The acquired beliefs can be changed by gaining new experiences and facts from the surroundings. Hence, what we believe is just a reflection of the data absorbed from the experiences and facts received from our environment.So it can be said that, we respond much more powerfully to our environment than we truly realize.

Spiritual and Cultural Environment
We as a School have a key role to provide our students the platform where they can have a balanced interaction with the environment so that they have an exposure to build their own understanding, have rich experiences, filtered behaviour & strong beliefs. We wish to bring students to such a state, where they can make optimum utilization of environmental elements for the betterment of self, humanity and move towards the path of spiritual understanding & growth.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is developed by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., Professor of Education at Harvard University. This model was proposed in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The theory advocates that each individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligences. He articulated nine distinct intelligences.

  • musical–rhythmic
  • visual–spatial
  • verbal–linguistic
  • logical–mathematical
  • bodily–kinesthetic
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal
  • naturalistic
  • existential and moral intelligence [ He later proposed that existential and moral intelligence may also be appropriate for inclusion ]

School of Achiever strongly believes that every child is gifted with unique blend of various intelligences. The exposures which are given at the home, the School and the environment reinforce the development of the potentials to their fullest.


The dedicated educators at Achiever always address the needs of variously intelligent students and help them to understand the concepts with different techniques. The students who are supported this way become more engaged and competent, therefore, more inclined to serve society in a very constructive way.

As the domains for holistic development are manifold, to design a balanced curriculum, there emerges a need for deriving a proper blend of all approaches, programmes and activities.
Certainly, all the types of activities, the ways of working together and the content are fundamental and interrelated for designing well rounded learning programmes but a proper balance amongst these aspects must always be considered to obtain fruitful results.
School of Achiever endeavours to maintain a balance in every programme so that no domain remains over or under emphasized. All the programmes get designed keeping in mind all concerns for students’ development.


Balanced Programme and Curriculum = Academics + Activities + Sports

The partnership with parents is fundamental requirement for enhancing students’ development and learning whilst at school and at home. The parents are the students’ first educator and have a lifelong relationship with them. Their involvement enriches student’s experience. The effective programmes of parental involvement enable them to support their children to the highest standard. This involvement is not only beneficial to parents but also it builds on their knowledge of child development and improves their parental skills.

We aim to support our parents by ensuring that they are provided with the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning process. We encourage all feedback and promote openness for having a two way communication with them.This collaborative approach ensures progression within and across different levels & improves outcomes for all children and also helps parents to understand the school better.

The teachers are the practitioners who work collaboratively towards improving the quality of education. They are the keys to unlock children’s latent talent. Their role extends well beyond the periphery of the classroom and their focus shifts towards learning in real-world context.

At School of Achiever, the parents and students can easily approach teacher for one to one discussion. All the teachers are very helpful. They cater to all sorts of needs for students’ growth and development. To promote learning in a very proactive manner the teachers create a better environment for student to learn. They incorporate in their methodology blended learning approaches; combination of cognitive science, technological advancements that ensures that learning is accessible to students of all abilities. The teachers steer lessons according to the students and create instructional strategies alternatively. They encourage students to be a change agent in the society. They are the key stimulator to bring in students the developmental, transitional and transformational changes. We endeavour to provide highest possible quality staff for imparting education. Only those candidates get recruited who clear brilliantly all our various rounds of filtration and fit well for the vision of the organization.

School of Achiever ingrains a sustainable Kaizen culture for its working to set higher standards consistently. For continuous improvement, the School fosters its team to take the charge for improvement of their own areas. Seminars, workshops, trainings, meetings and various sessions get duly conducted to support the team for achieving its higher standards and also for maintaining their ability to meet the same.


Every major move of the School undergoes a round of 360o assessment, so as to bring in it a point of saturation. Everyone in the School is encouraged to come up with suggestions for improvement. These suggestions are then penned down, shared, tailored, evaluated and implemented.


The concept of Kaizen is so deeply engraved in the minds of both the team and students that they don’t even realize that they are thinking about it. The School considers this as a systematic approach in search for excellence. Excellence can never be an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, proper directions and skilful execution by the team. For developing a habit for such excellence, the School strives to imbibe Kaizen in its culture.

Be it an organization or an individual, every entity has an obligation to revert back to the benefits derived from the society. Although this responsibility is passive, School of Achiever considers it as a moral duty to maintain a balance and contribute to the society and environment at large. It is a commitment towards the society to contribute towards its social, cultural and environmental causes, while improving the quality of aspirants’ life and their families, society and Nation.
We strive to imbibe the social responsibility in aspirants’ personal values and belief system to make them a truly responsible citizen. Being truly responsible emphasizes on the idea that it is better to be proactive towards the problem rather than simply being reactive to it. Thus, by embedding responsible values in the learning course of action, a key to eliminate all social evils can possibly be obtained.

Basically, environment responsibility means the duty of an organization to operate in a way that it protects the environment.
There’s an emergent need to bring in children the awareness about the current pressing environmental problems. If actions are not taken faster to protect our environment, we could be threatened with even more worse consequences in the future. That is why we believe to take responsibility of our present action.

 Every year around 14 million trees are cut down to make just 10 million paper bags. This is enough to create environmental imbalance. To optimize paper usage, the School focuses more on technological usage for its working & correspondence; computers are installed in staffroom so that teachers’ record keeping can be done electronically using less paper. The School uses ERP solutions to maintain record. Moreover, one side printed papers are reused for printing and scrap papers of any kind get collected for recycling. 

Today, when the world has become a global village, there emerges a need to promote awareness about the various issues and challenges prevailing in our dynamic interdependent world. This awareness ultimately moulds the students to be more prominent individuals. It encourages pupils to see things from various perspectives, acquire skills that will be useful to them and last forever.
The School encourages the students for appreciating the diversity in the cultures, traditions and religions beyond the school, the nation and in the world at large. It also fosters awareness of and a profound sense of responsibility for the fate of the planet and for the well being of humanity.